What am I going to get from this course?

  • A step-by-step process to develop a Transition Playbook to guide you into your new role.
  • Information shared in twelve 10-20-minute sessions with over 4 hours of content!
  • Executive Transition Playbook Guide with practical and easy to use tools to set goals, and develop a
      strategy to fit your business situation.

  • Downloadable worksheets to create your Transition Playbook.
  • Identify your learning opportunities to gain positive momentum in assessing about the business.
  • Strategies to prepare for the many conversations to build trusting, and respectful relationships. 
  • Get clear how you will approach this new role to make a positive impact to the business.

Who is the target audience?

 The Create Your Transition Playbook is for leaders who are moving into a new role and want tips and tools they can use to fast track their assimilation into the new assignment.

This program is purposely designed with short videos for busy leaders who need quick in-the-moment guidance to create their transition plans to make a positive difference in the new role. These extraordinary leaders recognize that what they do and say matters. 

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I am ready to get started.

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Make a Significant Contribution to Serve the Business, and FAST.

Create Your Transition Playbook is an online program designed to help ambitious leaders start their new role strong, and stay focused on what matters.

It’s about strategically using the first days and weeks in a new role to prepare to add value over the next 12-24 months. Create Your Transition Playbook program provides a step-by-step roadmap to help you take charge and hit the ground running and ultimately succeed over the long-term.

Here's What's Inside Create Your Transition Playbook Online Program

Create Your Transition Playbook  Online Program

Create Your Transition Playbook will assist you to:

*   Know the classic transition mistakes and learn how to avoid them

*  Create a Transition Playbook to accelerate your learning curve and momentum

*   Open the channels of communication to build trusting relationships with those that matter

*   Make clear, conscious choices in how you want to lead

You’ve been tapped to lead a new role.

Expectations are high.

It’s time to make things happen.

The first 90 to  100 days in your new leadership role are critical to you and your company's success.



I am ready to get started.

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Get Started

Transition Playbook Overview: Get Started Creating Your Transition Playbook for Success

Session #1

Step 1: Set Transition Goals & Strategy: How to Identify Your Transition Goals and the Strategy to Gain Focus and Confidence

Session #2
Step 2: Develop Your Transition Plan Using 6 Key Ingredients

Session #3
Lead: Determine How to Approach Your New Role

Session #4
Balance: Stay Energized and Focused

Session #5
Learn: Gain Knowledge About the Business

Session #6
Connect: Build Credibility, Trust, and Respect

Session #7
Assimilate: Understand How the Organization Works

Session #8
Communicate: Keep People Informed

Session #9
Use Your Transition Playbook

Session #10
Step 3: Assess the Business 

Session #11
Step 4: Share Your Observations

Session #12
Step 5: Step into action - Create the What’s Next Plan to Focus on the Next 6-18 months